• 410 N Main St. Jamestown, NY 14701
  • 716-483-6405
  • stlukes@stlukesjamestown.org
  • Services: Saturday - 5 pm and Sunday - 8am & 10am
  • Chadakoin Chamber Ensemble

    The Chadakoin Chamber Ensemble is a non-profit musical group formed by directors Mandy Andrews and Katie Ferrie. The group includes a variety of string players. Musicians are selected for each concert and determined by the specific demands of the pieces chosen for select concerts. The group offers a space for baroque and classical musicians to perform uniquely arranged and underplayed pieces in a challenging and welcoming environment.

    The ultimate goal of the Chadakoin Chamber Ensemble is to bring Baroque and Classical music to Jamestown, New York while offering a local venue to very talented musicians who typically have to travel to perform this type of music.

    Partnering with St. Luke’s, the Chadakoin Chamber Ensemble holds approximately 8 concerts/recitals a year in the lovely acoustics of our church.  Using St. Luke’s equipment, these concerts are livestreamed on the St. Luke’s Facebook page.  You can find upcoming concert information: https://www.facebook.com/CCEJamestown

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