• 410 N Main St. Jamestown, NY 14701
  • 716-483-6405
  • stlukes@stlukesjamestown.org
  • Services: Saturday - 5 pm and Sunday - 8am & 10am
  • Connect

    “Connection is the energy between people when they feel seen, heard and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement.”Brené Brown

    The connections that we make with others throughout our lives shape the people that we are today. Our parents, siblings, teachers and friends become a part of the story that we take with us as we travel through life.

    At St. Luke’s, we connect in the ways that we worship, play and serve our neighbors. There is a place for each of us to use our energy and be fulfilled – as a teacher, a leader, an artist or a scribe; a cook, a server, a listener or simply a friend. Children or elders, individuals or families; we grow stronger together as we share our lives.

    No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, we invite you to connect with us!

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