St. Luke’s & Grace Partnership

In 2020 when so much was defined by what we COULDN’T do, St. Luke’s worked to focus our ministry on what we COULD do.

As a result, St. Luke’s formed a ministry partnership with Grace Episcopal Church in Randolph, NY, sharing leadership and resources between the two churches.

However, this new idea was in fact the reiteration of a very old one: In 1859 that some enterprising Episcopalians in Randolph reached out to a newly established Episcopal Church in Jamestown for assistance to start a church in Randolph.

For 20 years, St. Luke’s and Grace Church partnered together to forward God’s mission in two locations.

History often repeats itself and we find ourselves in a similar pattern. While Grace continues to search for a Rector—slowed by a global pandemic—the leadership of St. Luke’s Church is delighted to lend a hand to extend God’s mission.

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